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Why is Green Coffee so Beneficial?

Regular coffee is certainly one of the most sold beverages around the world. In fact, this legal stimulant is behind water and tea, which hold the first two places of the most consumed beverages. Regular coffee is not the same term as green coffee, although some of us might think so. The term green coffee refers to unroasted beans of coffee. Such coffee beans remain raw and preserve specific substances associated with several green coffee benefits.

The most significant component of green coffee is certainly chlorogenic acid. The abundance of chlorogenic acid is the reason why the extract of green coffee can be so efficient in the battle against free radicals, damaging particles present in our body. Namely, free radicals cause changes to DNA and may easily trigger cancer or other illnesses. They are additionally known to accelerate the process of aging. Given the aforementioned, we can conclude that neutralization of free radicals is, without doubt, one of the most important green coffee benefits.

Let’s move on to weight loss, the second positive thing this coffee has to offer. Green coffee and its extract have been proven to assist in weight loss even when we choose not to diet or to engage in regular physical activity. The perfect combination of already mentioned chlorogenic acid and caffeine in green coffee is the one associated with an increase in the body’s metabolism and a reduction in fat absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Today, we can choose among various green coffee supplements, all of which are advertized to lead to quick weight reduction.

More detailed research on green coffee benefits confirmed antihypertensive properties of green coffee extract. Namely, there was a study conducted in Japan revealing a decrease in blood pressure in both rats and people suffering from mild hypertension. The reduction of blood pressure was in accordance with the dose of green coffee. Additionally, Japanese scientists found out that there were no side effects in such cases as it is generally the fact when regular antihypertensive medications are used.

Last but not least, there is diabetes as one more indication for green coffee. The extract of this coffee is also scientifically confirmed to help individuals suffering from diabetes. One specific study performed in Egypt, on diabetic rats showed an optimal decrease of blood sugar in tested animals. Once again, such positive effect is assigned to chlorogenic acid, the major component of green coffee. The acid surely affects the glucose transport in the body, achieving most favorable level of glucose in the blood.

Finally, we can only hope that scientist will reveal more green coffee benefits since research regarding green coffee continues. Until then we should be satisfied with benefits green coffee can offer right now because these are amazing and, what is more important, not detrimental at all.