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Lose Those Extra Pounds with Green Coffee Beans

Maintaining one’s proper and desirable weight is a wish of many these days. However, with the hectic lives we lead, we hardly have enough time to stop and think about our nutrition. Fortunately, recent medical research has shown that a green coffee bean diet can do wonders for your body weight. Namely, taking green coffee beans on a daily basis is thought to be a factor directly connected with weight loss.

A study that stands behind these claims involved 16 men and women who had problems with excessive weight. After the intake of green coffee bean extract and including it in their diet like a form of nutrition addition, the people managed to lose about 17 pounds each. Moreover, when treated by placebo later, they failed to reach the same goal. This truly shows the real potentials of the green coffee diet.

Experts claim that this wonderful effect has little to do with the caffeine, but more with a special plant acid that can be found in raw coffee beans. This acid apparently slows down the absorption of glucose in our body, making it impossible for us to gain weight as we would normally do. This is thought to be the key of such healthy diets.

Yet, dosage is a quite important factor of any green coffee bean diet. In another study that took place, the participants were given doses of 700mg. This supplementation, combined with regular exercising and a diet resulted in a loss of about 10.5% of the body’s complete weight, over the course of 22 days. When the dosage was increased, the weight loss was increased as well, even though it was just a small advancement. Nevertheless, the amount of green coffee extract consumed makes a difference when it comes to the results.

As for the side-effects that appeared during these studies, doctors have reported none. The green coffee bean diet supplements were taken in forms of pills containing the plant extract. The participants commented that the pills were excessively bitter, but that they best took them with a lot of water, before   eating something else.

Due to the present empirical success of the green coffee bean extract and its positive effect on people’s body weight, the studies will continue to take place, including larger groups of people. It seems that the roasted coffee beans coffee-drinkers consume on a regular basis lack the chlorogenic acid – the element thought to be behind the magical weight losses. Therefore, it is only logical that the raw, green beans have it in abundance and this is probably why these beans are incomparably more effective.

Thus, if you are trying to lose weight desperately, working out on a regular basis and eating as little as possible with no satisfactory effects, give green coffee bean diet a try – there are great chances that you will be amazed.