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Eat What You Want and Lose Weight with Green Coffee

They say that most people, regardless of the sex, dream to be able to eat when and what they want and never to feel guilty or worry about it. The newest addition to the sea of weight loss supplements is one claimed to possess such almost-magical properties. Advocates of green coffee claim that it can change the way you think about the weight and make you slimmer in no time without many adjustments on your side.

Green coffee beans effectiveness has been proven by a number of medical studies. Therefore, many famous medical professionals recommend these supplements as effective weight loss aids. To start with, one should know that green coffee and dark liquid you drink have only origin in common. Both are derived from the same plant, but coffee to drink needs to be roasted and brewed, while green coffee, as the name suggests is used green and fresh.

These compounds determine quick and easy weight loss contributed to green coffee extract. Explaining what happens when a person starts using these supplements requires understanding of metabolic processes in the human body. Basically, chlorogenic acid works in several ways to ensure weight and fat loss. It affects metabolism of dietary fat, binding to some compounds and inhibiting food fat to be absorbed. Additionally, the same acid affects metabolism of existing fat in the liver, processing it and melting it away.Only raw coffee beans contain ingredients which could perform miracle of effortless weight loss. We are talking about phytochemicals called chlorogenic acid and one with more familiar name, caffeine. Although caffeine is present in roasted coffee as well, green coffee beans effectiveness depends mainly on the combination of low concentrations of caffeine and high amounts of chlorogenic acid.

One of the ways to explain green coffee beans effectiveness is recorded increase in production of body heat, the process of thermogenesis. It multiplies the efficacy of green coffee to burn the fat tissue and promote weight loss. Current scientific theory says it happens because of the antioxidant properties of chlorogenic acid, which in turn decrease the amount of new fat cells formed in the body when a person uses green coffee extract.

For those concerned about their health there is even more good news associated with green coffee. Products rich in pure green coffee extract are proven to improve overall health. Cardiovascular health benefits greatly, since extract made of green coffee beans can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Both diastolic and systolic blood pressure can drop significantly after the use of green coffee. CHlorogenic acid has yet another possible use. Supplements rich in such phytochemicals can maintain healthy blood sugar level, affecting metabolism of glucose.